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Spring Cleaning from Pacific Steam Carpet Cleaning

Posted on March 4, 2013 at 6:10 PM


Pacific Steam Carpet Cleaning invites you to get your spring cleaning on! Winter has begun to melt awayand spring is beginning to blossom. This is the perfect time to start getting your home sparkling cleanand sanitized from the long winter months of hibernation. Below we have some few helpful hints ongetting your home ship shape:


  • First and foremost create a realistic schedule
  • Second decide your plan of attack (e.g. attic to basement, outside to in?)
  • Third enlist the help of your family
  • Fourth focus on one task at a time


Cleaning your carpets helps to make the whole house feel fresh and clean. Carpets should be cleanedprofessionally at least once a year to 1)sanitize, 2) remove dirt and grime, and 3) extend the life of thecarpet. Regular vacuuming should be done to rid the fibers of soil and debris carried in by foot traffic. Ifyou want to keep your carpets cleaner longer take your shoes off at the door but leave your socks on.Walking around barefoot leaves natural oils in the carpet that will attract dirt and soil. If you have spillsor stains immediately try to blot out the area with a terry cloth with warm water that has just a drop ofdish soap. Remember to rinse well and if the stain remains call in the professionals to do what they do best!


Happy Spring Cleaning from all of us at Pacific Steam Carpet Cleaning! Give us a call to help you makeyour home sparkle and shine! 503-936-9817

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