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Pacific Steam Carpet Cleaning Portland

Winter Carpet Cleaning Tips Portland Oregon

Carpet Cleaning Tips:

Can I clean carpets during cold weather, or do they take longer to dry?

  • No, we are trained to clean, sanitize and rinse the carpets to extract out 90 percent of the moister, leaving only slightly damp carpet. Even during the winter months, the carpets only take 4-6 hours to dry completely. Turning the heat can help speed up this dry time, but it is unnecessary.

Is it safe to walk on the carpet while it may still be damp?

  • Going about your business at home will not damage or hurt the carpet; walk carefully and use caution going from damp carpet to hard surfaces; your feet or shoes can become slippery and cause you to slip and fall. Also, going from outside to inside can carry dirt or debris on the bottom of your feet and still to the carpet, so use our supplied foot coverings or remove your shoes to prevent this from happening.

Will waiting make a difference in how the carpets clean up?

  • Short answer, Yes! Waiting can and will allow the soil to embed deep into the carpet fibers allowing them to become stained, worn, and dingy making the carpets difficult to clean and look beautiful again. Even on lightly used areas, it is highly recommended to have them cleaned every 12 months. Just because you can't see the soil, oils from fur and feet, and dander in and on the carpet, it is an important step to ensure long-lasting clean carpets and healthy indoor air quality. 
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