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Beware of Low Priced Carpet Cleaners in Portland

What does it cost for a carpet cleaning company to do a decent job cleaning your carpets?

If Pacific Steam Carpet Care charged anything less than we currently do, we’d have cut our expenses. Liability insurance isn’t cheap. Do you really want someone in your home who gets paid $15 an hour? Do you think he’ll care for your belongings? Do the math. If you are paying a cleaning company $99 to be in your home, where does the money go? To do a decent job, a technician should be at your home for nearly two hours if he has a truck-mounted machine. It may even be an hour longer if he has a portable machine. On average, it takes twenty minutes to locate your home on a map and drive there, and another twenty to drive from your home. Do you want your carpet cleaning company to have clean equipment? It will take on average a technician 20 minutes per job cleaning his truck and maintaining his equipment. You have to call and schedule your appointment. It takes an additional 20 minutes to take your call, gather your info and book your appointment. So the time from taking your call, getting to your home, cleaning your carpets, and driving away would add up to THREE HOURS AND TWENTY MINUTES. You’re thinking, well that’s $33 an hour. But wait, that doesn’t include all the expenses. The techs have to get to your home. If you want them driving a vehicle that doesn’t leak oil on your driveway, that trip will cost $12.43. This is an average business cost according to the I.R.S. at 58.5 cents per mile with an average of 22 miles driven for the round trip. If you want the company to have liability insurance should they ruin your beautiful carpet, rug, or upholstery, it will cost about $3 per job. If you want the company to have newer maintained equipment that does even a decent job, this breaks down to about $6 per job. They’ll need telephones to book your appointment and communicate with you. The office phone and cell phone usage breaks down to about $2 per job. Do you want the technician to be trained? If so, the cost associated with training averages out to about $1 per job. If they use chemicals on your job, they will spend an average of $2 on decent chemicals. The sad part is, many companies skimp in this area and purchase the cheapest chemicals possible. How did you hear about the company? The average carpet cleaning company spends $30-60 on advertising just to acquire ONE new client. We strive to do everything possible to keep you as a client once you have us into your home. Okay. Now we’re up to $56 of the cost before labor (assuming they only spent $30 on advertising to acquire you as a client). If the technician gets paid $10 an hour for the 3.33 hours it takes to book your appointment, do the paperwork, maintain his equipment, clean your home, and drive to and from your home, he will get paid $33. Then, we have to add workman’s compensation and taxes to a total of $39. Total cost with a technician getting paid $15 an hour= $105. If you spend $129, there is a net profit of $24. But wait…what happens if you have spots return and you need the company to come back out? They can’t afford to return! This is why cheap companies don’t have guarantees. When you have a technician getting paid $10 an hour to clean your carpet, there’s a HUGE possibility something will go wrong. Believe me. What if the tech gets paid a little more than $10 an hour? This means the company is cutting out other expenses like insurance, chemicals, training, etc. Do the math. The company can’t stay in business otherwise. So how does a company clean 5 rooms for $99? If a company charges cheap prices they are either skimping on your service or they’re on their way out of business. There’s no other way to look at it. Don’t trust a $10 an hour employee to your fine carpet, rug, tile, and upholstery. Call Pacific Steam Carpet Cleaning at 503-936-9817. One of the most reputable cleaning firms in Portland Oregon. Categories: Professional Carpet Cleaning Portland, Carpet Cleaning Portland Oregon, Carpet Cleaning Tips Carpet Cleaning Prices and Costs Professional carpet cleaning costs between $149 and $249 for most homeowners, with an average of $198. Exact prices vary depending on the size and type of material as well as the cleansing method and whether you need stain removal. While some companies offer costs "per square foot", most price "per room". Expect to pay either $45 to $75 for one room or a flat per-room rate of $75 and $125. The main benefit of regular carpet cleaning is avoiding potentially dangerous problems like mold, high levels of dirt, or other issues. If you ignore it for too long, the cost to replace your carpet will range between $750 and $2,500.

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